MAC Open Table Tennis Tournament to take place Saturday, December 1, 2018 – Register now!

The MAC Open Table Tennis Tournament                               

Saturday, December 1, 2018

What:   MAC Open Table Tennis Tournament (round robin format with single elimination in the final rounds)

When:   December 1, Saturday, 2018; from 10-6 pm; practice opens at 9 am

Where:   Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) 1849 SW Salmon St. Portland

Why:   To give the MAC, Ambridge and Portland table tennis players a fun tournament to test their skills and develop their games at the MAC. This tournament is also a warm-up for the U.S. Open Dec. 17, 2018.

Who: Open to all players from the MAC and other TT Clubs regardless of level or age.

Entry Fee: $10 for one event, $20 for two events and/or $25 for three events, maximum of three events. There will be 1st and 2nd place awards to the winners of all events. Matches will count toward Ambridge TTC ratings.

Entry Deadline is November 25, 2018; Late fee of $5, if after November 25, 2018. Director reserves right to refuse entries if it adversely effects the draws.

Tournament Format: Depending on the amount of entries, the tournament format will be preliminary round robins followed by a single elimination draw. This is both a singles and doubles competition. Matches will be best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games depending on size of the draw.   The tournament will begin at 10 am and finish by 6 pm.

Ratings and events: Ratings will be based on actual or estimates of USA TT ratings, Ambridge TTC, and/or Ratings Central system. If a player is not rated, the tournament director will give an estimated rating. All decisions by the committee and tournament director are final. Steve Merryman is the Ambridge TTC ratings director.

Awards: There will be 1st and 2nd place awards to the winners of all events.

Tournament Director, Committee and Rules: Jeff Mason will be the tournament director. All decisions are final and made by the tournament director and committee. USATT and ITTF rules will govern play. Special tournament regulations will be announced before each event.


Click the link below to download the registration form:

MAC Open Tournament, Dec 1, 2018


Results of the Portland Pong City Open Table Tennis Tournament

Recreational Singles Event Under 1000 USA Rating 
1st: Matt Boal   2nd Jonas Patrikson  3rd   Coen Brown    4th  Taiji Yamakawa
Recreational Doubles Event (both players combined rating under 2000)
1st:  Taiji Yamakawa and Sam Lehecka   2nd: Lila Jones and Coen Brown   3rd:  Jayke Nepalm and Bob Bakke    4th:  Winky Wheeler and Tanya McCoy
Senior Singles (Over 60 years old)
1st   Zhijing Zhang   2nd  Catherine Thomasson   3rd: Molly Little   4th:  Harry Chafetz
Junior Singles  (Under 18 years old)
1st:  Keven Nguyen   2nd: Coen Brown    3rd: Taiji Yamakawa    4th  Lila Jones
Women’s Singles (1st Place $250, 2nd Place $125)
1st:   Bryna Smith   2nd:  Molly Little   3rd:  Catherine Thomassson   4th:  Lila Jones
Open Singles (1st Place $250, 2nd Place $125)
1st: Ryan Hoarfrost   2nd:   Jay Crystal    3rd: Anthony Roy Pradeep    4th:  Sarit Roy
Open Doubles
1st:  Ryan Hoarforst and Hau Lam    2nd: Kenishisa Kumamoto and Thang Lam    3rd:  Duc Nguyen and Ben Nguyen   4th: Dean Schultz and Sri Palwai
Intergenerational Doubles (One player over 60, one player under 18):  
1st:  Jay Crystal and Kevin Nguyen    2nd: Coen Brown and Molly Little     3rd:  Jake Lanigan and Steve Lanigan  4th:  Taiji Yamakawa and Kelvin Michealis
Celebrity Players: Timber Joey (Timber’s Mascot), Ellen Rosenblum (Attorney General of Oregon), Sharon Meieran (Multnomah County Commissioner), April Baer (Host of OPB State of Wonder)

2018 2-Person Team Leagues – Late Summer Novice – Intermediate Level

The 2-Person Team Leagues for the Late Summer Season has ended. Here are the final standings of the 16 Novice-Intermediate teams that participated.   

1)     The Joes – Joe Cuffney and Joe Brunett                                                                   

2)     Dreaming of 11 – Jan Williams and Steve Blaske                                             

3)     Whining Dogs – Erik Piper and Dennis Anderson                                            

4)     The Tables –  Taiji Yamakawa and Nick Mertz                                                  

5)    Quietly Judgmental –  Coen Brown and Lila Jones                                             

6)    Table Smashers – James Scheidt and Johan Meyer                                            

7)    J Squared –   John Mealey and Jonas Patrikson                                                    

8)    Deep Fried in Kelvin – Kelvin Michealis and Chris Freeman                            

9)    The Mojos – Molly Little and Gabby Karp                                                           

10)   Infinite Loopers – Zubin and Jayke Nepalm                                                      

11)    Pong Nation – Tanya McCoy and Winky Wheeler                                            

12)    No Sweat – Bruce Jones and Michael Moylan                                                  

13)    Ping Pongthers – Max Massina and Brad Copenhaver                                    

14)    Loopy Fiasco –  Bill Ryan and Kyle Langendyke                                               

15)    Banjo Pickers – Gene Matusow and Naomi Matusow                                      

16)   GQ – Greg Gilles and Bill Gilles

This was a great league season. Thank you to all that participated. The first four teams received medals. Good luck in the next league. The next Fall leagues begin October 23, 2018. Sign up right away if interested.


mb poster featured2

2018 Summer Two-Person Team League Results

2018 Summer Two-Person Team League June 5 – August 7, 2018 
1)   Tall Drink of Water – Joel Sommer and Landry Molimbi
2)   Matza Balls and Fury – Mike Aguilar and Dima Raber
3)   Spinetti – Arturo Zendrera and Adam Mertz
4)   Pips Out – Ludo Garcia and Shawn Jackson
5)   American Indian – Bryna Smith and Suman Narayaran
6)   Sarit and Ryan’s Excellent Adventure – Sarit Roy and Ryan Buzzetti
7)   Double Trouble – Randy Nosrati and David Popescu
8)   Heinz-Denson – William Heinz and John Denson
1)   Hits from the Pong – Brian Kimura and Neil Johnson
2)   E Squared – Evan Williams and Emily Merryman
3)   The Joes – Joe Cuffney and Joe Brunett
4)   Nichie Domie – Keiko Buckendahl and Jan Williams
5)   Inverted Rubber Duckies – Mark Burdon and Jayke Nepalm
6)   J Squared – Jonas Patrikson
7)   Whining Dogs – Dennis Anderson and Erik Piper
8)   Little Mojos – Molly Little and Joe Little
9)   Quietly Judgmental – Coen Brown and Lila Jones
10) French Connection – Harry Chafetz and Alan Peters
11) Redefining Kelvin – Kelvin Michaelis and Chris Freeman
12) Infinite Loopers – Zubin Sur and Stephen King

Say goodbye to Thursdays

The last Thursday at the Melody Ballroom will be August 16, 2018. Due to scheduling conflicts and event set-ups on Thursdays, we will be cancelled from using the Melody Ballroom on this day of the week. We are saddened by this news, but we will continue all of our programs on our other three days of the week, Sundays 10-5 pm, Mondays 3-9 pm, and Tuesdays 3-9 pm.
Here’s the new class schedule:  Please sign up into the appropriate level for your game. However, we realize that this is sometimes very difficult, based on your schedule, and getting into the higher or lower level sometimes unavoidable. 
USA/ATTC ~Ratings                Level                            When                         Next
Rating 0-700*             Beg-Novice (level 1 & 2)       Sun   3-4:30 pm      Sept 16

Rating  700-1000       Novice – Inter  (level 3)         Mon  5:30- pm       Sept  3     

Ratings 1000-1300    Novice – Inter (level 3-4)      Mon 7-8:30 pm      Sept  3
Rating 1300-2000     Int/Adv/Master (level 5-9)   Sun 1:30-3 pm        Sept 16

Ratings 1300-2000   Int/Adv/Master (level 4-9)   Tues 5:30-7 pm      Aug 21

*If you’re not sure of your rating or level, please call, text, or check with Sandy or Jeff at the front desk at the Melody Ballroom.  
We will continue having a  “cool” summer at the Melody Ballroom with five different classes/training sessions, weekly league play, individual and group lessons, and open play and practice on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

The Ambridge Table Tennis Club’s 4th Anniversary Party!

Hi Ambridge Table Tennis Club Players,
It’s the Ambridge TTC’s Big 4th Anniversary Party this coming Thursday night, June 14th, 2018 at the BEAUTIFULLY remodeled Melody Ballroom (our new home). It’s also a chance to say thank you to Alan Peters for allowing us to use his great facility for our home TT club.
Please come out and celebrate, play some table tennis, and listen to a live Junior High School Jazz Band. Isaac Zuckerman, our our own Super Star, Silver medalist U1800, US Open 2018, will conduct the Junior High band and will also start the musical set off with his own adult Jazz quartet at 6:00 pm. 
Bring your friends and family to a fun night of happy table tennis play and celebration. For many of us, this is our second home. Show your friends and family your OTHER friends and family, and where you hang out when you’re not with them.   
We’ll have all 13 tables set up for some special table tennis play: Doubles, Round the World, 3-Round, Brazilians, or just some fun practice time listening to some Jazzy music and hitting the ball around.
Party night schedule
5:00 – 9:00 pm     Club opens, practice and fun play
6:00-6:30 pm      Isaac plays with his own Jazz adult quartet!

6:30 – 7:00pm     Isaac Zuckerman’s Junior High School Jazz Band performs

7:00 – 9:00 pm     Fun table tennis activities, games, snacks, drinks, and open practice

9:00 pm               Club closes for the night – Happy 4th Year Anniversary to the Ambridge TTC.

Peace and pong, jeff,and sandy mason, and Alan Peters (owner and manager of the Melody Ballroom and co-founder of the Ambridge TTC)
THANKS to Alan Peters for this fantastic table tennis venue and all of his daily support. 

MAC Summer Camp for Kids July 9-13, 2018

The annual MAC (Multnomah Athletic Club) Summer Camp will be offered again this year on July 9-13 from 9-11 am. This is primarily for MAC kids, but there will be some spots for Ambridge TTC kids as well. If you are interested in signing your kids up for this camp, please contact us asap to get on the reservation/waiting list. Cost for the complete camp is about $100. Jeff Mason, US National Coach, and several coaching assistants will be also helping in the camp as well.

Please contact us for information about the camp at  541.999.0926 for both text or phone call. Or, contact us at: jeffmasontabletennis@gmail.com.


Alan Peters wins Inspirational Award from the MAC


We all know Alan Peters for his fun sense of humor, spinny playing style, and for the fact that he owns and operates the beautiful Melody Ballroom. But his achievements do not stop there– he also is responsible for starting up the table tennis program at our sister club, the MAC. With his passion for the sport, dedication to the MAC, and his upbeat, friendly demeanor it is no wonder that the MAC has awarded Alan Peters with the Inspirational Award. Congratulations Alan!


Isaac Zuckerman wins silver in U1800 Singles at US Open

20171221_152857 20171221_152941

We are proud to announce that Isaac Zuckerman has won the silver medal in U1800 singles! Isaac is one of the top players at the Ambridge, and he’s got a fun, positive attitude that makes him a great representative of our club. Congrats Isaac!