Tournaments and Leagues

Two-Person Team Leagues

Most Thursdays from 7-9 pm, the Ambridge TTC runs their 2-person team league competition. These 2-Person Team Leagues play for 6-weeks with two different divisions (one for Novice, one for Novice – Advanced). Players team with a partner to play against another team, Davis Cup style (two singles matches and one doubles match). This has proven to be a great fun event and has been very popular at the Ambridge. The cost is $40 for the complete six-week league. Please check out the starting dates of the next league on the home page.


Tuesday and Thursday PRACTICE MATCHES – Round Robin Practice Tournament

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, please arrive/sign up via text at least 10 minutes early. Cost: $5

Practice Matches are exactly that, matches where you can practice your tournament game play without the intense fear of losing the match. On Tuesdays at 7 PM the ATTC will conduct several round robin tournaments, based on rating. You can practice your techniques, new serves, footwork, serve return, etc., within the context of a game situation without the fear of losing points or even games. The pressure of winning is off! You may freely play your heart out and take your lowest percentage shots without the fear of losing, why? Because everyone else is doing the same thing…PRACTICING. You may try out new shots, work on rough areas, without fear of defeat; because it’s practice, not official, not rated, not posted.  This is the time to practice you new banana flick, your backhand loop, or your new serves that you’re always afraid to use in an official game or league match. The goal is to build confidence with new techniques that would otherwise take months to achieve within the pressure of an official match.  In the (OCP) Olympic Coaching Program at TTW, Jeff called this training “Play Without Fear” and it was one of the most successful methods for pushing so many players over the Master level in a short time. There will be a small prize for one of the participants in each division, based on a random drawing, thus showing that winning is not the only goal with this type of format. Again, we want to stress that the real winners are the players that improve their games, not necessarily the players that win the most matches. Good luck, have fun, and improve your tournament game level.



We have a number of tournaments throughout the year: November Charity Doubles Tournament; March Big MAC Tournament,  August Portland 2-Person Team Tournament and many others.

Contact us for further information or to register for upcoming tournaments.