About Jeff

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As a USATT Certified National Coach, Jeff has been coaching Table Tennis since 1969. Jeff holds three National Titles and has played internationally on a San Francisco/USA table tennis team and competed throughout Europe. He has received coaching from two World Champions, Ichero Ogimura from Japan, and Stellan Bengtsson from Sweden. Jeff is known as one of the best native-born coaches in the United States. In June 2017, Jeff was inducted into the California Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

Jeff’s all-around style of play, enables him to coach all styles of players.  Coach Mason has been recognized for training many junior players from beginning to Master level in less than 18 months, the fastest improving junior group in the country. The largest table tennis club in the country, Table Tennis World, was owned and operated by Jeff before moving to Oregon. As the owner, he was the full-time coach (USATT National level) and trained hundreds of nationally rated players, many of which won U.S. titles.

In addition to his table tennis coaching, Jeff has been a public school teacher for 26 years, teaching elementary through college. His teaching experience has given him the unique combination as both teacher and coach that makes his instruction easy to understand and makes table tennis fun to learn. Currently, Jeff is among only two USATT Certified National level table tennis coaches who reside in Oregon and among 72 in the United States. The USATT Certified National coach is the highest level of table tennis instructor in the country ahead of Club, State, and Regional certifications. National Coaches may coach the USA World team and USA Olympic teams. To receive a National certification, Jeff had to attain a Master level of competitive play (over 2000 USATT rating) over many years. He also had to coach many students to a master level as well as demonstrate the highest level of comprehension for the sport, and many other requirements.

Interested in having Jeff coach you? Jeff is currently coaching all ages and levels at the Ambridge Table Tennis Club located in the Melody Ballroom in Portland. Jeff teaches classes, clinics, group lessons, training sessions, junior players (7-17 years old) and individual and shared lessons. Contact Jeff or Sandy Mason to schedule a lesson or talk about coaching possibilities, or call us at 541.999.0926. Cost per one-hour individual lesson: $70. Lessons for couples are also available for the same cost.