Ratings (Ratings Central and USATT)

Rating system  Sometimes at the Ambridge TTC we use rating system that’s very popular in Oregon called Ratings Central.   This is an alternative rating system to the official rating system by the USATT.  In many of our tournaments, league matches, and round robin events,  player’s tournament results are computed by the Ratings Central system,  within a couple days, players’ new ratings are posted.  To view your most current ratings from Ratings Central please click here.

Linked below is a brief explanation of the USATT rating system, the only official rating system in the United States. This is the system that is used to rate and rank players in all USA sanctioned events. Provided below is the link that allows you to look up your  most updated USATT rating. You must buy a membership to USATT  to have an official US rating.http://www.teamusa.org/usa-table-tennis/ratings


Linked below is a brief explanation of Ratings Central’s rating system. This is an alternative rating system that is easy to use, quite accurate, and costs nothing.  It is NOT an official rating system sanctioned by the USATT. However, we will use this system at both the Ambridge and the MAC. Ratings Central system will help show players’ improvement, motivate players to play better,  and to help rate and rank players in our own club tournaments. Kristen Merryman, Romi Jones, and Sandy Mason will be the administers of our Ratings Central point system. They will input your match results into the Ratings Central formula and IT will calculate your new rating.
Rank Rating Name ID Country Last Played
1 1272±82 Kochenderfer, Bill 51049 USA 2018-08-05
2 1056±80 Kauffman, Jae 40549 USA 2018-02-10
3 925±91 Ishii, Art 70681 USA 2018-01-16
4 872±42 Marcy, Steve 85415 USA 2018-11-05
5 829±34 Buzzetti, Ryan 70883 USA 2018-11-05
6 785±115 Fechner, Jodi 39360 USA 2016-09-06
7 782±71 Crabtree, Duane 36864 USA 2018-06-21
8 726±67 Schultz, Jeff 34638 USA 2018-07-09
9 610±79 Peirce, Clayton 36559 USA 2018-01-16
10 606±137 Brigman, Larry 55658 USA 2015-12-23
11 519±86 White, Jeffrey 41026 USA 2017-12-02
12 400±67 Pinkley, Barry 84097 USA 2018-02-21
13 365±77 King, Stephen 103345 USA 2018-01-16