CORE Players

The CORE table tennis program is a coaching effort for qualified, serious Oregon table tennis players (CORE-Coaching Oregon). The program’s goal is to develop players from a beginning level to an advanced status, and in some cases the Master Level. The CORE is made up of a select group of qualified players who are coached on a regular basis (individual and shared lessons, clinics, classes or TRAINING SESSIONS, at least once a month) and who take their table tennis training seriously. Please contact us directly if interested in being a part of the CORE.

Some of the 2015 – 2018, CORE players are:

Adam Mertz, Alan Peters, Angela Ballard, Alex Grimaldi, Alex Dimitrova, Alan Westhaver, Andre Lintereur,  Anna Naka, Art Ishi, Anuchia Ragdish, Anthony McNamer, Arturo Zendrere, Autry Liggett, Anne Dosskey

Brian Yoder, Bryna Smith, Brenna Lobb, Brian Ramage,  Bruce Jones, Bill, Bruce Hummel, Barry Pinkley, Brendon, Brandon Hart, Brian Vanneman, Bill Preston, Brian Kimura, Bob Vanduzen,

Crae Hasler Elliot, Catherine Leedy, Chau Letherman, Clayton Peirce, Chris Thile, Christian Zia, Charlie Gold, Cal Plumer, Chris Freeman, Chuck Brockway, Coen Brown, Clair Lenis, Craig Graunard,

Deirdre Froehlich, David George, David Steinberg, Dean Schultz, Dennis Anderson, David Euton, David Tsang, Daniel Tupayachi, Dima Raber, Duane Crabtree, De’Mel Mojica,

Emily Merryman, Emily Vislocky, Erik Piper, Evan Williams, Evie Weigardt, Ellen Williams, Emily Vanderploeg, Eli Tucker,

Gordy King, George Radulisk, Greg Pederson, George Estrada,

Harry Chafetz, Harvey Kline, Harl0d Metzger, Helana Toledano,

Isaac Zuckerman, Isaiah LaPorte, Isack Ruderman, Ivan Lehecka,

Jodi Brekhaus, Joe Little, Jeff Schultz, Jonathan Schwartz, Jonathan Gifford, Jon Irving, John Vinh, Jag Ragade, Joe Reeb, Jason Edgerton, Joe Meyer,  James Hawthorne, Jae Kauffman, Jodi Fechner, Jake Lanigan, Jasmine Chuang,  Joel Sommer,  Jayke Naypalm, Joe Meyer, Juan Toledano, John Mealey, Jeff Gullish, Jan Williams, John Mealey, Josh Leckbee, Janet Allison, John Haub, Jamie Staugard, Jim Fergusen, Jane Kekona, Jeffrey White, Janet Allison, James Schneidt, Jeff Schultz, Joe Little, Jennifer Priest, John Go, Jim Buchanan, John VanDuzen, Johan Meyer, John Go,

Kaitlyn Carter, Kellen Atkins, Kelly Chuang, Kerrie, Kyle Billings, Kelvin Michaelis, Ken Goldman, Keshav Balaiah, Kristen Merryman,

Li Zuang, Lila Jones, Lou, Lindsey Serrins, Lila Jones, Liam, Lindsey Freeman,

Max Carter, Murad Pirani, Mark Nerczuk, Mike Barmache, Majo Ahrens, Malik Pirani, Molly Little, Mira Scalpone, Mark Burdon, Mike Resnik,  My My Nguyen,  Mozhgan Manjorian, Mitt Jones, Mike James, Miguel Armargo, Michelle Camardo, Michael Ho, Marcello Giacomini, Mike Aguilar, Marylyn Turnock,

Nick Mertz, Nick Atanasov, Nick Worthing, Naoko Hummal, Neil Johnson,  Nikeel,  

Paul Kaplan, Peter Korch, Patty Brandt, Paul Weigardt,

Ryan Zeigler, Ryan Grepper, Rick Essy, Ray King, Ross Barmache, Ryan Mead, Romi Jones, Rina Ishi, Rob LaRaus, Richard Daab, Randi Nosrati, Roy Yotsuaya, Ryan Buzzetti,

Steve Marcy, Steve Lamb, Sal Faruqui, Steve Lanigan, Steven King, Steve Blaske, Shawn Jackson, Stan Louie, Steve Berliner, Steve Merryman, Steven Hawthorne, Sofi Jones, Stephano, Cahucci, Sabrina, Sri Reedy, Spenser Marshall, Sebastian Irvine, Stephen Bennasu, Sayantan Sur, Zubin, Sophie Jones, Sam Lehecka, Shinji Yamakawa, Stephanie Peterka, Suman, Sebastian Wise, Sam Hartoch, Steve Lamb,  Sam Klump, Stephen Laing,

Tamara Olcot, Tony Elardo, Tom Becker, Tran Nguyen, Tri Nguyen, Tom Reiser, Tyler Havener, Takashi Hanabara, Tracy Yotsuaya, Taiji Yamakawa, Ted Fountain, Truman Moure, Troy Caton, Tanya McCoy, Tony Elardo,

Victor Zia, Valdir Viana, Vincent Hart,

Wes O’Neil, Woody Edwards, Winky Wheeler, Wolfgang Vosberg, William Heinz,

Xi Xia,

Yancy Blum,

Zach Kenyon, and many more.


What you can expect from the CORE program:

  • Coaching tips during tournaments and leagues. Coaching at the U.S. Open Event in Las Vegas, July 2015 and December 2016.
  • Participation in exhibitions and demonstrations to promote the sport and ongoing help with your progress
  • Advice about drills, equipment, training, and practice partners, competitions, coaching tips, etc
  • Choreographed drills and training exercises
  • Helping you conform to all appropriate strokes, strategies, and techniques for your game style. Suggesting model players for students to emulate.
  • Help in setting up practice schedules with players from the CORE (emails, phone numbers, etc.)
  • As a CORE student, you are allowed free practice at the club anytime the club is open and tables available

Jeff will be your personal coach and will give as much help as possible when available without additional pay. He enjoys the satisfaction of working with qualified players in CORE to dramatically improve their game. Unlike the OCP (Olympic Coaching Program) at Table Tennis World in Sacramento, Jeff is not expecting this CORE to reach the master level (USATT rating level 2100) in less than 2 years.  However, dramatic improvement will be obvious and will be reflected in match play. Jeff will train you in the FORM of World Class players (it doesn’t mean that you will be playing on their level, but you may occasionally look like them). He will also be consulting with Stellan Bengtsson, Former World Champion, on a regular basis, for additional coaching advice and methodologies. Stellan Bengtsson will be coming to the Ambridge for clinics and camps in the future. Check with Jeff on the dates of these coaching events. Jeff will also recommend players to attend Stellan Bengtsson’s camps and clinics.

CORE qualifications:

  • In receiving coaching advice as well as practice drills, players need to focus on strokes, technique, and other factors, rather than on just winning points. Winning will come after proper technique, which could take up to a couple years
  • Accept your core team mates as sparring partners, not as opponents. The more we all work together and improve, the faster everyone in the group progresses. We need to work as a team, as a CORE group
  • Players need to be especially respectful, fair, and kind to their CORE team mates. A feeling of trust is very important.
  • Players should show a good sportsmanship attitude to all players, not just the players in the CORE
  • Players should follow advice of the coach and question issues that don’t make sense
  • For the most dramatic improvement players should participate in as many of the following programs as possible: MONDAY TRAINING SESSIONS, TUESDAY GROUP LESSONS,  TUESDAY PRACTICE MATCHES, FRIDAY LEAGUE MATCHES, and INDIVIDUAL LESSONS. Players should do as much serving and multi-ball drills as possible. Playing so much at the Ambridge allows Jeff monitor your progress more accurately.
  • Above all, keep fun and happiness in your table tennis game. That is by far the most essential factor for improvement and continuance with your life-long sport.****************************************************************
  • 12 Coaching Levels of the Ambridge and MAC TTC     
  • Level 1:  Very beginning class;  Under 0-500 USA rating; (RC 0-200); Sunday 1:30-3:00 pm
  • Level 2:   Beginning Novice class; Level 2 – 500-700 USA rating,(RC 200-300); Sunday 3;00-4:30 pm;
  • Level 3:   TRAINING SESSIONS; Beginning Novice – 700-900 USA rating (RC 300-500) Monday 5:30-7 pm:
  • Level 4:   TRAINING SESSIONS; Novice Intermediate;  TRAINING SESSIONS– 900-1100 USA rating (RC 500-700); Monday 7 pm
  • Level 5:   TRAINING SESSIONS;  Novice Advanced;  1100-1300 USA rating; (RC 700-1000); Tuesday 5:30-7 pm;
  • Level 6:   TRAINING SESSIONS:  Intermediate; 1300-1500 USA rating; (RC 1000-1100) Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm; Level 7:   TRAINING SESSIONS:  Intermediate-Advanced;  1500-1700 USA rating (RC 1100-1200); Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Level 8:  TRAINING SESSIONS:  Advanced 1; 1700-1850  (RC 1200-1350) Individual and shared lessons; Coaching through video analysis
  •  Level 9:   TRAINING SESSIONS; Advanced 2; 1850-2000  (RC 1350-1500)Individual and shared lessons; Coaching through video analysis
  •  Level 10:  TRAINING SESSIONS: Master Level 1; 2000 – 2200  (RC 1500-1600) Individual and shared lessons; Coaching through video analysis
  •  Level 11:   TRAINING SESSIONS:  Master level 2: 2200-2400 –  (RC 1600-1700) Coaching through video analysis
  •  Level 12:  TRAINING SESSIONS:  Elite level 2400 – (RC 1700)