From the teachings of Stellan and Angie Bengtsson.

Drawing credit: Jasmine Chuang


50 Serves

Introduced in June/July 2015 TRAINING SESSIONS for Novice – Advanced levels by Jeff Mason, U.S. Certified National Coach

Key: Bh=backhand; Fh=forehand; S=sidespin, T=topspin; C=Chop


FOREHAND pendulum serving system: (Most popular serving system with World Class players)

Low toss: Fh ST, Fh SC, Fh Chop, Fh no-spin, Fh ft-flat serve to cross-court; Fh fast-flat serves down the line; (6)

Hi-toss Fh ST, Fh SC, Fh fast-flat serve cross court, Fh fast-flat serve down the line; (4)

The Hi-toss Fh T, Fh ST serve can be executed by just the hi-toss itself and the Hi-toss Fh C or Fh SC require fast wrist action to create chop; this can be the look-alike to the Fh hi-toss serve; (4)

Low-toss: Fh double motion with reverse fake on second action; Fh ST, Fh SC, Fh no-spin; (3)

Hi-toss: Fh double motion with reverse, hit on first motion, fake on second action; Fh ST, Fh SC, (2)

Low-toss: Fh double motion reverse, fake the first action, hit on the second motion; Fh ST, Fh SC (2)

Hi-toss: Fh double motion reverse, fake the first motion, hit on the second motion; Fh ST, Fh SC (2)

Low and Hi-toss Scoop or shovel (hook or punch) Forehand serves, both side top and side chop, but a lot of corkscrew action as well (3) This serve is similar to the reverse pendulum serve, but comes forward, rather than to the side, so it’s easier to disguise the spin. Also, it has the capability of the corkscrew spin.


BACKHAND serving system: (second most popular serving system)

Low-toss: Bh ST, Bh SC, Bh Chop, Bh no-spin, Bh fast-flat serve cross court to corner, Bh fast-flat down line, (6)

Hi-toss serves for both Bh ST, Bh SC, Bh Fast-flat serve cross court, Bh Fast-flat serve down the line;   (4)

Hasagawa Serving System (third most popular)- hi-toss serves Fh ST, Fh SC, Bh ST, Bh SC, (4)

Hasagawa low-toss Fh ST, Fh SC, Bh ST, Bh SC, (4)

Fh Scoop Serves – side topspin and side chop (2)

Bengtsson Serving System – serves: Fh ST, Fh SC, Fh no-spin;   (3)

Straight Forehand fake: Low-toss Fh double motion fake chop, topspin serve; Fh double motion fake topspin, chop serve (2)

Trick serves:

Reverse fast topspin serve from Bh, using Fh side of racket. (1)

Reverse fast topspin serve from Fh pendulum starting, using Bh side of racket. (1)


If these don’t make sense, ask Jeff for clarification; Serving and return of serves are repeated in the TRAINING SESSIONS about every three or four months.

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