Results of the Portland Pong City Open Table Tennis Tournament

Recreational Singles Event Under 1000 USA Rating 
1st: Matt Boal   2nd Jonas Patrikson  3rd   Coen Brown    4th  Taiji Yamakawa
Recreational Doubles Event (both players combined rating under 2000)
1st:  Taiji Yamakawa and Sam Lehecka   2nd: Lila Jones and Coen Brown   3rd:  Jayke Nepalm and Bob Bakke    4th:  Winky Wheeler and Tanya McCoy
Senior Singles (Over 60 years old)
1st   Zhijing Zhang   2nd  Catherine Thomasson   3rd: Molly Little   4th:  Harry Chafetz
Junior Singles  (Under 18 years old)
1st:  Keven Nguyen   2nd: Coen Brown    3rd: Taiji Yamakawa    4th  Lila Jones
Women’s Singles (1st Place $250, 2nd Place $125)
1st:   Bryna Smith   2nd:  Molly Little   3rd:  Catherine Thomassson   4th:  Lila Jones
Open Singles (1st Place $250, 2nd Place $125)
1st: Ryan Hoarfrost   2nd:   Jay Crystal    3rd: Anthony Roy Pradeep    4th:  Sarit Roy
Open Doubles
1st:  Ryan Hoarforst and Hau Lam    2nd: Kenishisa Kumamoto and Thang Lam    3rd:  Duc Nguyen and Ben Nguyen   4th: Dean Schultz and Sri Palwai
Intergenerational Doubles (One player over 60, one player under 18):  
1st:  Jay Crystal and Kevin Nguyen    2nd: Coen Brown and Molly Little     3rd:  Jake Lanigan and Steve Lanigan  4th:  Taiji Yamakawa and Kelvin Michealis
Celebrity Players: Timber Joey (Timber’s Mascot), Ellen Rosenblum (Attorney General of Oregon), Sharon Meieran (Multnomah County Commissioner), April Baer (Host of OPB State of Wonder)