2018 2-Person Team Leagues – Late Summer Novice – Intermediate Level

The 2-Person Team Leagues for the Late Summer Season has ended. Here are the final standings of the 16 Novice-Intermediate teams that participated.   

1)     The Joes – Joe Cuffney and Joe Brunett                                                                   

2)     Dreaming of 11 – Jan Williams and Steve Blaske                                             

3)     Whining Dogs – Erik Piper and Dennis Anderson                                            

4)     The Tables –  Taiji Yamakawa and Nick Mertz                                                  

5)    Quietly Judgmental –  Coen Brown and Lila Jones                                             

6)    Table Smashers – James Scheidt and Johan Meyer                                            

7)    J Squared –   John Mealey and Jonas Patrikson                                                    

8)    Deep Fried in Kelvin – Kelvin Michealis and Chris Freeman                            

9)    The Mojos – Molly Little and Gabby Karp                                                           

10)   Infinite Loopers – Zubin and Jayke Nepalm                                                      

11)    Pong Nation – Tanya McCoy and Winky Wheeler                                            

12)    No Sweat – Bruce Jones and Michael Moylan                                                  

13)    Ping Pongthers – Max Massina and Brad Copenhaver                                    

14)    Loopy Fiasco –  Bill Ryan and Kyle Langendyke                                               

15)    Banjo Pickers – Gene Matusow and Naomi Matusow                                      

16)   GQ – Greg Gilles and Bill Gilles

This was a great league season. Thank you to all that participated. The first four teams received medals. Good luck in the next league. The next Fall leagues begin October 23, 2018. Sign up right away if interested.