USATT Rating System

Learn more about our rating system.

At Peace and Pong TTC, we previously utilized Ratings Central, a popular rating system in Oregon. This system, an alternative to the USATT’s official rating system, was employed to calculate players’ tournament results for various events such as tournaments, league matches, and round robins. 

However, Peace and Pong TTC has transitioned away from Ratings Central. We now use the USATT rating system, which involves estimating and adjusting your ratings. Additionally, we’ve developed our own rating system, closely aligned with the USATT’s methodology.

For a concise overview of the USATT rating system—the sole official rating system in the United States used for rating and ranking players in all sanctioned events—please click here. To access your most recent USATT rating, a USATT membership is required. At Peace and Pong TTC, we use the USATT system to approximate your rating. If you’re interested in an estimated USA TT rating, Jeff is available to assist you.


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