About Peace & Pong Table Tennis Club

Located at 1720 SE Haig Portland Oregon, Peace and Pong Table Tennis Club stands as a beacon of unity and sporting-like behavior. Our club, affiliated with USATT and boasting 10 championship tables, is more than just a place to play—it’s a community that embraces diversity and fosters peace.

Experience Our Values

At Peace and Pong, we prioritize kindness, respect, and inclusivity. Our welcoming atmosphere ensures that players of all skill levels feel at home, fostering a positive environment for everyone.

Meet Our Directors

Led by Jeff and Sandy Mason, retired public school teachers and seasoned table tennis experts, our club is guided by a passion for the sport and a commitment to providing an exceptional experience for all members.

Exciting Programs Await

From classes and leagues to lessons and camps, Peace and Pong offers a wide range of engaging programs designed to elevate your skills and connect you with fellow enthusiasts. Ready to join the fun?


Get in Touch

Contact Jeff or Sandy Mason at 541.999.0926 or email jeffmasontabletennis@gmail.com to learn more and start your journey at Peace and Pong Table Tennis Club.