Two-Person Team Summer Leagues 2017

Ambridge Summer Leagues 2017

The Ambridge TTC completed its Two-Person Team League Matches on October. There were three team divisions: Under 800, Under 1500, and Over 1500 Rating Central ratings. Both players’ ratings are added up to determine division eligibility.

The leagues were limited to 10 teams per division.  Players gained and lost Rating Central points according to their results.

First and Second place winners are shown in bold lettering. Congratulations to all winners and participants in a fantastically successful Summer League 2017.

Divisions 1 – Advanced league over 1500       Team Name

 1   Majo Ahrens 864 and Bryna Smith 818           Spin Doctors

2 Isaac Zuckerman 1167 & Brian Yoder 1101 Bass Chops/Drum Loops 1st Place

3   Joel Sommer 1058 and Steve Marcy 863    Backhanded Compliments

4 Art Ishii (Konstantin est 1000) and Mark Burdon 769 KonArk 2nd Place

5   Randy Nosrati 662 and Dima Raber 578          Anger Management

6   Arturo Zendrere est 800 and Adam Mertz 571         Espinetes

7   Brian Park 807 and Isaiah LaPorte est 600        The Smash Bros

8 Ludo Garcia 1531 and Shawn Jackson 508       The Babadooks

9   Dean Schultz 920 and Jeff Schultz 791              China Syndrome

10 Steve Lamb est 1000 and Ryan Buzzetti 773   World Class Look Alikes


Division 2 – Intermediate level Under 1500     Team Name

1     William Heinz est 900 and Alan Peters 320     Frisky Geezers

2 Emily Merryman 744 and Evan Williams 569 E squared 2nd Place

3   Kyle Billings 431 and Spenser Marshall 415       Kim Pong II

4   Dennis Anderson 448 and Erik Piper 417          Whining Dogs

5   Molly Little 648 and Grabriella Karp 355             Banana Flip Sundays

6   Jan Williams 453 and Deirdre Froehlich 295    Wurst Banger

7 David Popescu est 900 and John Vinh 429 The Rascals 2nd Place

8     Irvin Jones est 850 and Brian Kimura 538         Hand Sharks

9   Richard Fan 759 and Jeff White 523                Pen-Hold Possom Kings

10 Ivan Lehecka 700 and Sam Lehecka 300          Ping Pong Pikers


Division 3   –   Beginning/Novice level       Team Name

1   Nick Mertz 113 and Jaden Blaske est 100      The Smashers

2 Steve Blaske 458 and Greg Pedersen 385 The Forehead Bloopers 1st Place

3     Jodi Brekhus est 300 and Jeff Gullish 233      Snapdoodle

4   Jane Kekona est 400 and Elise Peters est 50   O’Hana

5   Ellen Grover and Janet Allison 61                The Johnetts

6 Liam Brown est 100 and Jennifer Priest est 50 Over-dressed and Under-prepared 2nd Place

7   Lila Jones est 50 and Sophie Jones est 40         Team Jones

8  Jeena Hudeidi and Alex Popescu                           Combo Breakers






The sister club of the Ambridge is the MAC and many of our clinics and our big tournaments are run at the MAC West Gym. It’s a perfect place to have great tournaments.  Here is some info on upcoming Exchange nights, Clinics and the 2-Person Team Tournament in March.

Exchange nights from 7-9 pm allow both the Ambridge and the MAC table tennis clubs to visit and play at each other’s club, free of charge, on the following dates.

Exchange dates for Ambridge players visiting the MAC are:

Fridays: March 2, March 24, March 31, and April 28.

Exchange dates for the MAC visiting the Ambridge are:  

Tuesdays: April 4, 11, 18, and 25.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Exchange dates at the Ambridge and the MAC.

The MAC table tennis clinics are coming to the MAC (Multnomah Athletic Club) in the Summer months of 2017. The exact dates are still being discussed. We will keep you posted.

We are planning two different levels of clinics each 1 1/2 hours. There will be a Beginning/Novice Clinic (level 1 and 2) from 11:00-12:30; and another clinic Novice-Intermediate (level 2-5) from 12:30-2:00 pm. It will be important to sign up early to reserve a place. Please contact us by email, phone or text to enter the clinics; 541.999.0926.


 MAC Monday and Wednesday practice nights

The MAC TTC is now having practices for ONLY MAC members on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm. This will be starting March 27 and continuing until mid-October. Stay tuned for exact ending dates.


MAC Summer Kid’s Camps

The MAC Summer Children’s Table Tennis Camp will be held June (dates to be announced), 2018. The cost is $96 for non-MAC members and $8? for MAC members. The times are 9-11 pm. Please sign up in advance to get a spot. MAC members can register through the MAC website and Ambridge/non-MAC members can contact Jeff Mason and the Ambridge TTC to sign-up.