Featured Player

Molly Little

Molly Little is one of our top women competitors at the Ambridge TTC. She features powerful blocking and hitting on both wings. She is now trading in many of her old style block shots (like so many others are doing) for the more modern counter spin strokes.  The new close to the table spin game will have Molly playing a top level in just a short time. Molly teams with her brother Joe Little in the Leagues and will be a top seeded team competing in the Spring 2018 leagues. Molly is a principal at one of Portland’s public schools. She is an awesome educator and a fantastic person. In addition, did you know that Molly was a former Salsa singer and performer in a Portland band and her group was also featured in a Hollywood movie?

Molly Little
Current Team
Little MoJo
U1200 Div B - 2-Person Team
Winter 2018