Featured Player

Joel Sommer

Joel Sommer is the best definition of our club. He has been at the center of the club since it’s start. Starting out at the novice level three years ago, he now plays as an advanced player. He is in the Advanced Training Program and is now moving toward the Master level (2000 USA rating). He plays a strong attack game with looping from both wings, but watch out for his forehand. It’s a winning powerhouse! With skills in playing, coaching, and working with people, Joel has taken over for Jeff as the head coach when Jeff has been injured. If you are interested, he also teaches individual lessons at the club. There are so many talents that Joel possesses. He is a musician, author, rapper, song writer, skateboarder, table tennis champion/coach, great guy, and a proud father.  Joel is a model player and person at our club who always shows a good sporting-like attitude. He is definitely one of the brightest lights at the Ambridge TTC.

Joel Sommer
Current Team
The Jokers, Wizard’s Sleeve
Open Division - 2-Person Team League
Winter 2018