The MAC Open Tournament, Saturday, Dec 1, 2018 for all levels


This MAC Open Tournament is held at our sister club the MAC (Mulnomah Athletic Club) on Saturday, December 1, 2018. This is a non-team tournament, however, there will be several doubles events. Please check out the entry blank that will be posted in September. Or, check at the desk at the Ambridge TTC for more details.

The MAC Open Table Tennis Tournament

What:   MAC Open Table Tennis Tournament (round robin format with single elimination in the final rounds)

When:   December 1, Saturday, 2018;

Where:   Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) 1849 SW Salmon St. Portland

Why:   To give the MAC, Ambridge and Portland table tennis players a fun tournament to test their skills and develop their games at the MAC. This tournament is also a warm-up for the U.S. Open Dec. 22, 2018.

Who: Open to all players in good standing, regardless of level or age.

Entry Fee: $10 per event, or $25 for three events, maximum of three events. There will be 1st and 2nd place awards to the winners of all events. Matches will count toward Ambridge TTC ratings.

Entry Deadline is November 25, 2018; Late fee of $5, if after November 25, 2018. Director reserves right to refuse entries if it adversely effects the draws.




Played from 10-6 pm

Events/Divisions                                                     Time

____Juniors Under 17 (as of July 1, 2018)       10:00 am                                            

____Division Beginning/Novice                                                               USATT/ATTC rating 0-1000; RC rating 0-700)   10:00 am

____Division B -Intermediate/Advanced                                              USATT/ATTC rating 1001-1400; RC over 701)     10:00 am                            

____Open Doubles  (USA/ATTC                                                                                combined ratings over 2500; RC 1400;)                                                                              11:00 am

____Division Advanced USATT/ATTC                                                                 rating 1400-1800; RC 1100-1300)                             12:00 noon                                                                      

____Division C & B Doubles Beginning/Novice                                      (USA/ATTC RATING Under 2500                                                                            USA/ATTC rating;    RC Under 1400)                        1:00 pm

____Open Singles (any level)                                     1:00 pm


Please register and pay for your entry at the Ambridge TTC (Ambridge TTC website: Or enter by calling or texting: 541.999.0926; email: You may also pay at the tournament before your event begins, but you must first contact us as to which events you’re planning to play.


Check with Jeff Mason (Tournament Director) for your appropriate rating and placement in the particular categories. All decision are final and made by the tournament director and committee.


Official Entry Form for the MAC Open Table Tennis Tournament                                     Saturday, December 1, 2018




Estimated rating: USATT/ATTC or Ratings Central (if known))__________________________

Doubles partner’s name_______________________________________________________

MAC member     ____yes   ____no

For any further information please contact: Jeff Mason or Sandy Mason at: or call/text at: 541.999.0926

Tournament information and details:

 Tournament Format: Depending on the amount of entries, the tournament format will be preliminary round robins followed by a single elimination draw. This is both a singles and doubles competition. Matches will be best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games depending on size of the draw.   The tournament will begin at 10 am and finish by 6 pm. The cost of the tournament is $10 per event, $20 two events, and $25 for three events. There is a limit of three events per person. 

Ratings and events: Ratings will be based on actual or estimates of  USA TT ratings, Ambridge TTC, and/or Ratings Central system. If a player is not rated, the tournament director will give an estimated rating. All decisions by the committee and tournament director are final.

Rated Event – This event will be rated by the Ambridge TTC with their rating system. Steve Merryman will be the ratings director. 

Entry Fee/Cost: $10 per event, $20 for two events, or $25 for a maximum of three events. 

Awards: There will be 1st and 2nd place awards to the winners of all events.

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, Nov 29 2017. There is a Late fee of $5, if entering after Wednesday, Nov 29.

Tournament Director, Committee and Rules: Jeff Mason will be the tournament director. The Committee will consist of: Alan Peters, Steve Marcy, Mike Barmache, Stephen King, Sandy Mason, Kristen Merryman, and Romi Jones. All decisions are final and made by the tournament director and committee. USATT and ITTF rules will govern play. Special tournament regulations will be announced.



Date Time
December 1, 2018 8:00 am