Emily Merryman wins 2016 U.S. Open Silver Medal!

Very exciting news! Emily Merryman, our superstar 14 year-old, just won the Silver Medal at the U.S. Open in the Under 800 Junior event in Las Vegas at 5 pm on December 17, 2016. We are extremely excited and happy for her success!
She played great!! She showed great form, technique, and most of all a good sporting-like attitude. All of us at the Ambridge TTC  should take some credit for this incredible win. We have all helped Emily get her start and develop her game (even lost to her on purpose…well, not really). She is a great representative for our club. She blocked, countered, and smashed her way through a field of amazing junior players, with nerves of steel, many with game levels over 1600 USA rating.
Joe Meyer, our defensive wizard, also won his Round Robin group in the Under 1100, but lost in the subsequent single elimination draw.
After 2 1/2 years of the Ambridge TTC our players are starting to make some waves at the U.S. Open. We’ll look forward to next year’s progress.